Last updated 4/30/2022

Foothill High School Colorguard

Just a little reminder of some basic skills

which you can always practice.


Basic Positions (this image shows feet for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

 **plié, grand plié, and relevé in each position**

Heel to Toe Marching (this video demonstrates it)

Toe to Heel (slow and fast) (this video demonstrates it)

Passé Jump (this image shows a side view of passé)

Sauté Jump (this video shows a sauté jump in case you forgot)


Carving (including around the world)

27 Points in Space

Drop Spins (left and right) (in this video they start form the center but the spin is correct)

Tosses ~ single, single and a half, double (quick video tutorial for tossing)

**all tosses should be done on right AND left

as well as inverted (with the flag up instead of down)



Spins (both sides) (this video reminds you to watch your thumbs!)

Singles (both sides) (this video has a quick toss tutorial)

Doubles (both sides) (this video uses a different prep but you can see the double)

Triples (both sides) (You have been taught different free hands but here's a triple)